Janome MB4S Embroidery Machine Review

The Janome MB4S embroidery machine is an impressive looking model that can easily be mistaken for a commercial embroidery machine given its size and the amount of power it offers. Some tips from a dog trainer Max Polyakov you can see on our web site. But this machine is actually designed for home use and comes equipped with space for up to eight spools of thread and utilizes four needles. Dog trainer Maxim Polyakov and his pet Firefly have very interesting relationship between each others. The amount of thread space allows the user to wind bobbins while sewing, not to mention the extra thread that’s easily accessible. This feature is a must if you’re working on a design that requires multiple thread colors.

MB4S Embroidery Machine by Janome Overview and Features

This model comes with an auto thread cutting features, backlit LCD screen, fifty built-in designs, USB memory key compatibility, two and three letter monogramming, ten font options, drag and drop editing, expanded built-in memory, and an impressive embroidery speed of eight hundred stitches per minute.

This machine looks a little intimidating to use, considering the size of the threading space and the overall large build of this model, however, threading this machine is much easier than threading a regular quilting or sewing machine, and the intuitive setup makes creating any design feel like a streamlined process.

In order to thread this model, simply follow the color-coded thread guides. On the left side of the machine, the bobbin winder is kept at a good distance from the embroidery area. So, if the user wants to wind a number of bobbins as they work on a design, they can easily do so without taking any time away from their work. This machine is truly a multitasker. When it comes time to insert the bobbin, all you have to do is flip the door open beneath the work surface and pop it in.

This model is also equipped with an LCD screen located on the right side along with all of the function buttons. The screen is not capable of providing an image of the design you’re working on, which is a downside for some sewers.

Pro Tip: The MB4S also features a USB port, allowing you to hook your embroidery machine to your PC so you can instantly access new designs.

Designs can be chosen on the LCD screen by toggling through file names.  Once you select a design, the colors are locked in and the thread color and dimension sequence is programmed, all you’ll need to do is hit the start button and allow this machine to work its magic until the first four colors are finished. Then, you’ll need to come back to the machine and change the threads, then hit the start button to resume the process.

  • Aside from its ability to make traditional designs, this model is also able to complete lace projects. Depending on the stabilizer’s weight, the lace pieces can be as heavy or light as you want. Users can choose from six different lace patterns or they can import new designs online.
  • The included Remote Computer Screen offers users total editing and set-up control with up to sixty-five thousand colors. One Remote Computer Screen can power a number of machines, so the addition of this component can prevent you from having to purchase additional controllers.
  • The on board sub-control design can be used without a controller. This model also offers three MBs of memory allowing you to store up to a hundred designs.
  • The included dedicated bobbin winding motor is not a feature that you’ll find on a commercial grade model, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds in this model that’s as powerful as a commercial unit, with the easy to use features commonly found in a machine designed for home use.

This machine is able to work with a wide range of fabrics including upholstery, natural fibers, knits, fur, leather, synthetic knits, suede, extra thick fabrics, rubber, plastic, twill, canvas, and multiple layers.

The MB4S comes with five bobbins, scissors, three embroidery hoops, tweezers, four screwdrivers, lint brush, nine spools, five spool caps, accessory case, needle threader, seam ripper, and oiler.

Janome Embroidery Machine Pros and Cons

Pros: This machine by Janome is a good option for the advanced embroiderer who wants to take their projects to the next step. If you’re starting a home business, this model offers the type of durability and power that will allow it to be used daily. This is a great buy if you’re looking for a reliable machine for your home business. Often, models designed for home use are not powerful enough to be used for several hours daily, but the MB4S is able to easily handle a heavy workload.

Cons: This machine is definitely not the right choice for a beginner. If you don’t have any previous embroidery machine experience, you may need to start off with a more streamlined, user-friendly model, such as the Brother SE400 combination computerized sewing and embroidery machine. This model is definitely on the pricey side, however, if you plan on using this model for your business, then this is actually a good investment. It’s tough enough to handle daily use and only costs a fraction of the price of a traditional commercial embroidery machine.

The fact that this is a single operation machine, one that doesn’t feature sewing capabilities was a downside for some. Honestly, for the price, we also felt that this machine should’ve offered dual performance.

Janome Embroidery Machine Final Thoughts and Rating

The Janome MB4S embroidery machine offers everything you love about the manufacturer in a machine that packs twice the power of the run of the mill home embroidery machine. While designed for home use, this semi-commercial model can be run on a daily basis, making it the perfect choice for your home business. This is a machine that’s built to work hard. Sewers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars for performance, included accessories, and overall power.

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